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Using Trusts To Achieve Your Goals

Can you maintain access to your assets while preparing to pass them to the next generation? How will estate or death taxes affect my family? Huffman Law Offices, P.C., of Maryville, Illinois, addresses your goals through knowledgeable trust planning. We advise clients on living trusts and other appropriate instruments as part of a comprehensive estate strategy.

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Sophisticated Application of Trusts

Trusts are an important tool in estate planning to accomplish a variety of purposes:

  • Efficiency — Avoiding the expense and delay of probate
  • Tax planning — Reducing the estate tax burden
  • Asset protection — Keeping assets out of reach of creditors
  • Charitable legacy — Leaving assets to a charity
  • Providing care — Special needs trusts for a disabled child
  • Pet trusts — Leaving assets to care for your pets

A revocable trust allows you to control and use assets while still holding them outside of your estate for tax and probate purposes. An irrevocable trust, such as a life insurance trust, preserves assets in the name of specific beneficiaries, but the person creating the trust cannot regain control of those assets. A living trust is established while you are alive, while a testamentary trust transfers assets to recipients upon your death.

Tailored to Your Situation

Our attorneys are familiar with the various twists on each of these categories. The key is knowing which type of trust is right for each client’s needs. And the key to knowing your needs is taking the time to sit down with you to discuss your goals and your asset portfolio.

Whether you are establishing a wealth preservation plan or changing an existing living trust, contact us for a free initial consultation. We can meet clients at five office locations in Maryville and surrounding counties.