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Medicaid Planning

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Planning for Long-Term Care

We can help if you are wrestling with how to obtain Medicaid eligibility for nursing home care without depleting all of the family assets. Our experienced professionals provide strategies to arrange for quality care and still pass assets to your heirs and beneficiaries.

Huffman Law Offices, P.C., of Maryville provides complete estate planning and elder law counsel to clients in the East Metro area, Central Illinois and Missouri. Even if your loved one is entering a nursing home soon because of a sudden crisis, there are steps to take.

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Nursing Home/Medicaid Planning

Long-term care planning is governed by complex laws, and is very case-specific. Our professionals — lawyers Brian Huffman and Michelle Weber — sit down with you to determine your options on an asset-by-asset basis.

Medicaid Questionnaire [MISSING PDF]

Our top priority is to make sure you, your spouse or your elderly parent gets the best possible care. This means planning for Medicaid eligibility or planning for alternative funding of nursing home care (such as long term care insurance) without sacrificing quality of care and quality of life.

You cannot simply deed your house to a son or daughter a month before you enter a care facility. Medicaid has a “look back” period of several years. The government has specific restrictions on transfer of wealth between family members, subject to penalties, loss of eligibility and liens against illegally gifted assets:

  • We advise clients on annual gifting limits, pool trusts and other legitimate ways to pass your assets.
  • One method is life care contracts that pay a family member to provide ongoing services such as home health care, transportation or maintenance of your house. If properly constructed, Medicaid recognizes these as legitimate expenses.

Margaret Huffman, a registered nurse with experience in rehabilitation and home care for the elderly, provides life care planning to help clients transition from independent living to assisted living or nursing home care. Brian Huffman makes sure that your legal interests and Medicaid eligibility are protected.

Time is short. Contact us today to explore nursing home and Medicaid planning along with asset protection in a free consultation.